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Are We Lost EP

by Morain

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Debut EP "Are We Lost" out on Indigo & Bright Black Records.


released September 23, 2012

Produced by Roni Szpakowski.
Bonus track produced by Darren Brookes.
EP Mastered by Streaky.



all rights reserved


Morain Wakefield, UK

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Track Name: Are We Lost
Is it one or two
Sketches of maps that I need
Just to come home to you soon

Was it 3 or 4?
Days I’ve been lost in paradise
Trying to break the ice
In a personal war

And we say hey
We need your love
We love the way you move

Is it time to go?
I’ll pack my things and head home
I will use these maps
To follow paths of love that I once passed

3 or 4
Days I’ve been lost in paradise
Trying to break the ice
In a personal war

Oh my golden child
You’ve got a lot to say
When you’re not okay
And oh my armoured brigade
You’re coming to save the day
In one or more ways
Track Name: Animals
Theres sharks in the water you see,
But its nothing compared to what you will do to me.
So Tell me exactly what you mean
When you tell me youre not happy

So Race with me in to the sunset darling,
Yeah just you and me,
It doesn’t matter what mountains we climb,
Well do it with ease

Were only animals,
Were just passing time,
Were only animals, were just animals
Were bound to fight

I listen to the reasons I should stay,
I know that I will never be OK.
So I slither through the sand like a snake,
To get away from your mistakes.

And lay with you under the moonlight darling
Its just you and me
Were staring out to this new horizon
Lions by the sea

Were bound to come and to go, bring the storm as we roam,
Love as we learn, and learn as we love
Track Name: The World We Live In
I’ll rearrange these letters, in alphabetical order,
Just to know, who I am.
I’ll go in search of answers, longing just to travel,
Just to know, where I’ve been.

When things don’t turn out like I planned them,
And I’m hanging like a frame from the string…

I’ll take a look outside,
A beautiful surprise,
'Cause this the world,
And this is the way,
we're living.

With morning sun revealing, a glowing world of beauty,
That’s full of life, and full of hope.
The motions and the movement, from human to human,
Lets me know, its all I need

When things start moving like I planned them,
I’ll be running like a child to the streets

Take a look outside,
Its beautiful tonight,
'Cause this is the world
This is the way were living

This is the world,
And this is the way,
Oh this is the world we live in
This is the place,
where we can relate
'Cause this is the world we live in.
Track Name: Between The Lines
I've got you, right where i want you to be
Ive seen you do all of those dirty things you do
I've got you, i've got you, dragging your knees, dragging your knees through the mud and through the best of us

I want to wrap you up and feed you to the wolves
But i'll never give you up, 'cause darling you're my world..

its me, its you its everything inbetween these lines i write.

and why would I and how could I fall at your feet, degrade at the seams, I'll pull out your stitches, she said "why wont you answer me"

All of these feelings, we wont be healing, when we don’t know what to say, when we don’t know what to say..